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Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world. Our 1.35m members who perform community service in 209 countries and geographic areas are different in many ways, but share a core belief COMMUNITY IS WHAT WE MAKE IT

Lions Youth Exchange visitors Ena from Croatia, Vanessa from Brazil and Sivan from Israel with Lion Ann McCormack when they visited the Kelpies near Falkirk last year.

When you join Lions, you join a global service network. So, at the same time you’re doing local community service, you can also contribute to Lions volunteer efforts around the world. Click here to find out more about Lions Youth Exchange.

More than 1,500 patients at Pickering and Thornton Dale Surgery have snapped up the offer of a life-saving “Message in a Bottle” provided free by Ryedale Lions. The plastic bottles, kept handily in the kitchen fridge, provide a unique way for vulnerable people to store vital personal information about their health, regular medicines, and emergency contacts

More than 1,500 patients at Pickering and Thornton Dale Surgery have snapped up the offer of a life-saving “Message in a Bottle” provided free by Ryedale Lions. The plastic bottles, kept handily in the kitchen fridge, provide a unique way for vulnerable people to store vital personal information about their health, regular medicines, and emergency contacts

You can find Lions Clubs throughout the British Isles and Ireland – we have 17,000 active members belonging to 900 local clubs. Every Lions Club supports a range of projects in its local community – including health and youth initiatives – where you can get involved.

Every day, Lions are having fun by organising remarkable and memorable fundraising activities – with every penny raised going direct to good causes. Every year, in Europe alone, Lions Clubs’ members volunteer around 6 million hours of service and raise £88 million to support the needs of local communities.

Club members are all volunteers giving their time to run events that raise money to help those less fortunate than themselves whilst enjoying fun and fellowship. They meet regularly to plan their fund raising and social events and to agree which of the many requests for help they receive are most worthy of support from the limited funds they have available.

If you would like to meet your local club please click here, leave a brief message including contact details and we’ll be in touch

People become Lions for many and varied reasons. For some it is the wish to put something back in to the community, for others it’s the desire to make a difference. Whatever your motivation for wanting to join Lions we would love to hear from you. There is no minimum time commitment required from members, but we all try our best to work our commitment to Lions around the demands of our family and work lives. Take a few minutes to read about all the projects we get involved with in the district and have a look for your local club who will be only too pleased to welcome you if you’d like to visit.

Lions around the world are united by a great spirit of giving and dedication to helping others. As the official charitable organisation of Lions Clubs International, a leading humanitarian organisation, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) supports Lions’ compassionate works by providing grant funding for their local and global humanitarian efforts.

LCIF helps Lions serve

LCIF helps Lions improve peoples’ lives around the world, from combating vision problems to responding to major catastrophes to providing valuable life skills to youth. Because LCIF helps Lions carry out large-scale projects through our grant programs, Lions increase their impact in their local and global communities and serve even more people in need around the world.

LCIF funds come from individuals

Donations from 1.35 million Lions in 208 countries and geographic areas provide the vast majority of the revenue received by LCIF, making the Foundation a leading humanitarian organisation. Lions know their donations matter and that funds entrusted to LCIF will support initiatives that impact communities and change lives.

LCIF forms lasting and successful partnerships

LCIF leverages the donations we receive through effective partnerships with other foundations, corporations and governments on the local, national and international level. We are proud that LCIF was named the #1 non-governmental organisation worldwide with which to partner, according to a 2007 Financial Times independent survey.

LCIF has key areas of service

To support Lions’ mission of serving communities and meeting humanitarian needs, LCIF provides grants in these focus areas:

LCIF makes an impact

LCIF and Lions reach millions of people and accomplish visible results. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Preventing serious vision loss for more than 30 million people
  • Providing over 153.3 million treatments for river blindness
  • Engaging more than 13 million students and 550,000 educators in 85 countries in the youth development program Lions Quest
  • Building or expanding 615 eye hospitals/clinics/wards
  • Conducting more than 19 million vision screenings for children through Sight for Kids
  • Providing vision screening for more than 350,000 Special Olympics athletes from 85 countries through Opening Eyes

LCIF impact last year

In fiscal year 2012-2013, we had a great impact in lives around the world through 489 grants totaling US$39 million. Some of our accomplishments included:

  • 80,000 people helped through 186 disaster related grants
  • 6 million people helped through 211 humanitarian grants
  • More than 18 countries expanded Lions Quest through 32 Core 4 grants
  • 13 grants supported the vaccination of more than 200 million children against measles
  • 39 SightFirst grants provided eye care services to more than 8 million people, improved 127 eye care facilities and/or trained 21,000 eye care professionals

Read more about LCIF efforts in our Annual Report, and find out more about our mission. You can also read our privacy policy and dispute resolution guide online.


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District Governor Team 2014/15

District Governor:
Lion Andrew Kerr Sutherland
City of Edinburgh
District Governor Elect:
Lion David Wells
Thirsk & Northallerton
2nd Vice District Governor:
Lion David Wheeler

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