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Anyone for golf in Durham?

Durham Lions Club have decided to dedicate the proceeds from their Charity Golf Competition on 2nd September to a young girl (15) named Jade, who suffers with EDS and also POTS. Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) are a group of connective tissue disorders that produce a number of complex problems affecting many body systems. Each type of EDS is defined as a distinct problem in making or using one of the types of collagen, which exist throughout the body. Normal collagen is a strong protein that the body uses to provide strength and elasticity allowing tissue to be stretched, but not beyond its limit, and for that tissue then to be returned to its usual state. An incorrectly structured collagen can therefore affect multiple organs by allowing them to be stretched beyond their normal limits causing damage and dislocation. Jade can, and has, suffer multiple dislocations at any time with very painful results and a consequent need to manipulate the joints into position.

T0 download and entry forms please click here, and we hope people will join us in our efforts to support Jade.

Also posted is the Appeal Letter sent to prospective sponsors etc. Details of the Jade Aid self-help efforts, and more information, can be found on the Jade Aid Facebook postings

District Convention 2018

16th to 18th November 2018
Join us for some good old fashioned Yorkshire hospitality at our 36th Annual District Convention at The Golden Lion Hotel, Northallerton.
Nestled in the centre of the Vale of York, Northallerton is the heart and county town of North Yorkshire. The town has good communication links, it is on the East Coast main line, and is situated in the centre of the A1(M) and A19 corridors.
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