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Shadow meets his sponsors

Pupils making friends with Shadow

Lions Bill Foster and Gil  Dowson introduce Shadow

Lions Bill Foster and Gil Dowson introduce Shadow

On Thursday 24th September Durham Lions members Bill Foster and Gil Dowson accompanied members of the Training Section of the Guide Dogs to meet Shadow, whose training is being paid for by donations from the Spennymoor Comprehensive School and from Durham Lions Club.

The major part of the donation amount had been raised by the schools efforts with Durham Lions covering the shortfall from the proceeds of a bucket collection held earlier. The presentation of Shadow to the Guide Dogs was held in the schools concert room with Third Year pupils and their teacher.

The name Shadow was chosen by the pupils. The photos show Lions Gil and Bill at the presentation and also the pupils making friends with Shadow.

Thirsk & Northallerton’s epic bed-push

It was a beautiful September Sunday morning with the sun shining and a hint of mist in the air as two cars set off from Northallerton, destination Leyburn Market Place.

Lion John Forrest had rescued two old hospital beds from a local scrap yard a few years ago.  These had been used for bed races at the Northallerton carnival but had been gathering rust for the last few years.  Some months ago Lion Andrea had come up with the idea of doing a bed push along the roads of North Yorkshire.  We had listened to this and we thought it will never happen.  We did not know Andrea though and somehow here we were embarking on this adventure.

Like all events they just do not happen, there had been permissions to seek, insurances to check, sponsorship to obtain and a little bit of scrounging to do.  A nice mannequin was loaned from our local Barkers store and a trailer from Northallerton Caravan Breakers.  What about a few wigs and a bit of fancy dress.  Oh! and an Army Land Rover from the TA.

We were met by a local scout leader in Leyburn and a gathering of family and friends to see off the four volunteers.  Pushing (and pulling) afor the entire 20 mile distance was Lion John Forrest (taking time off from his mayoral duties in Northallerton) who dressed for the occasion and had a multi coloured wig, Lion Andrea Crowe (our organiser), Lion President Stuart Cummings and Lion Andrew Triplow.  Just after 9 am off they went,  Margaret in the front vehicle checking out the route, Lion David in the second front vehicle with trailer containing the spare bed and other equipment.  Coming up behind in the Land Rover were ‘Leggy’   and Preston .  The Land Rover looked a picture with the Lions Feathers wafting in the wind on either side.

First hurdle was the railway crossing over the Wensleydale Railway.  This bridge is controlled by lights, with the lights set back quite a way on the Leyburn side and the rise of the road on that side as well.  Fortunately the team just made the top corner before the traffic set off from the Bedale side and were able to pass on the bridge.   The next worry was Constable Burton, going down a decline before going over a bridge where the road narrowed and then into an incline.  The team had to stop for a rest after that hill.

The roads were now starting to get busy and what a lot of caravans on the move.  Fortunately the motorists were patient and even donated money as they slowed down to pass.  Now is the time to thank all the drivers on the entire route whose journey was inconvenienced during the day, it was all for a good cause.

Andrea’s mum, who will forever be known as Mrs Crowe, met us just outside Patrick Brompton.  Mrs Crowe has been a member of the WI for many years and showed off her skills with four cakes and loads of sandwiches.  Yes, it would have been rude to refuse.

Back on the road before stiffness became a problem and onto Bedale Scout Hut where members of the Barnes Explorer Scouts had prepared lunch of soup and a roll. That went down very well.  There was also time also for Lion Andrea to examine those blisters, not a pretty sight.

The team were then into the last leg onto Northallerton.  Lion Malcolm Singleton suddenly appeared and made up the fifth member of the crew with the bed.  By now the roads were a lot busier and as they came out of the Leeming Bar they were into the faster traffic.  They resisted the urge to turn onto the A1(M) (good decision) and pushed on towards Morton-on-Swale.  There were now some visibly tired bodies but the thought of making Northallerton Town Hall by 4 o clock was driving them on.  Why so time critical, because this weekend was the Northallerton beer Festival and their licence expired at 4 pm.

A last rest just outside Ainderby Steeple and on ward they went.  As they got to the bottom of Lees Lane there was an unexpected left turn into Romanby which caught the lead car off guard.  However, a quick recovery saw the car in position just in time to witness the crew go under the railway bridge.  Remember those feathers on the Land Rover.  They got through in the centre of the road with a centimetre to spare. Phew!

Left into Northallerton High Street and the sight of a crowd of supporters outside the Town Hall was a welcome sight to behold.  Did they make last orders; yes they did by the skin of their teeth.  Even better £1 a pint – well it would have been rude not too.

Well done to the crew.  Still not sure how much has been raised, looks like it will be somewhere near the £800 mark.  Many thanks are expressed to ‘Vasstech of Northallerton’ for the corporate sponsorship and to’ Bluebird Studios of Northallerton’ for printing us some fantastic banners.

After a few days they have all recovered and are looking forward to the next challenge.  Anyone want to hire a bed?

Dumfries keeps on curling

Dumfries Lions recently held their 22nd Charity Curling Tournament at Dumfries Ice Bowl. Twenty two teams of four players from Scotland and Wales took part in a friendly but very competitive tournament involving 6 games over 2 days.

It was heartening to see a good number of junior curlers aged between 8 and 15 taking part and doing so well. They certainly gave  some very experienced players a big fright. The competition split into High Road and Low Road after the first day and juniors played in the winning teams in both sections. A good weekend for Dumfries Young Curlers.

The proceeds of  the Tournament were in excess of £2000 and this will go the International Youth Centre being hosted by Dumfries Lions next year.


Over £100,000 raised for Lions Sight Savers/LEHP

Click on the photo to download an information sheet

Lions across Great Britain and Ireland raised an amazing £102,507.34p between July 2014 and June 2015 to benefit their Sight Savers and Eye Health Programmes.

Lions Clubs International provides unrivalled support for sight programmes and services within local communities across the world. These include vision screenings, eye banks and eyeglass recycling. We provide eye care services to those at risk of losing their sight, and we undertake fundraising where every penny raised helps fund vital sight related projects.

Projects designed to prevent blindness, restore eyesight, improve eye health and benefit eye care have been an essential part of the work of Lions Clubs across the world for nearly 100 years. It was in 1925 when Helen Keller, the inspirational deaf-blind campaigner, challenged Lions to be “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.”

Click on the photo to see a PowerPoint presentation about the work of Lions Sight Savers

Click on the photo to see a PowerPoint presentation about the work of Lions Sight Savers

Since the inception of Sight Savers Trust, Lions Clubs International has donated £4m. The aim now is to pay for one million cataract operations world-wide by 2020. In addition spectacle recycling continues with a million pairs of glasses now having been recycled.

Lions World Sight Day is the second Thursday in October and this year falls on 8th October, whilst Sight Awareness Week is 5th to 11th October so a handy two in one. In 1925 we pledged ourselves with Helen Kellar to be Knights of the Blind – let’s try and make this Lions Centennial year one to remember and for those we help – one they will never forget.

PDG Lion Larry Collins MJF

Lion Adrian gets on his bike for charity

Adrian in his Lions colours cycling for charity

Adrian in his Lions colours cycling for charity

Morpeth Lion Adrian Barnes must be getting a bit saddle sore lately.

Firstly Adrian entered the London-Surrey 100 mile cycle event. This is the largest charity fundraising cycling event in the world. Starting in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park the route goes through the City of London, west through Richmond Park and follows the 2012 Olympic Games route into Surrey and back. The “highlight” of the course is negotiating the infamous uphill zig zags of Box Hill. On return to the capital, the route takes in the Embankment, Parliament Square and finishes in the Mall. Adrian completed the course in 6 hours 23 minutes and raised £420 for Lions charities.

Not content with that, a few weeks later Adrian was to be seen in the Sanderson Arcade as part of a team doing a mere 2 hour cycling stint raising funds for Barnabas Safe and Sound, a Morpeth based charity for youths and the homeless. Fortunately it was a static bike and there were no hills. The team raised £600 on the day.

Morpeth Lions are waiting to hear of Adrian’s next challenge but hopefully not for a few months as it is costing them a small fortune in sponsorship monies.

Local charities are Lions golf match winners

Kirkbymoorside Golf Club members at the Ryedale Lions Golf Day (left to right) Mike Anderson, David Tomlinson, Geoff Sherwin and Roland Sterry.

Kirkbymoorside Golf Club members at the Ryedale Lions Golf Day (left to right) Mike Anderson, David Tomlinson, Geoff Sherwin and Roland Sterry.

Local charities are the big winners in the Ryedale Lions Club annual golf tournament.

Some 37 teams from all over Yorkshire took part in the golf day at Kirkbymoorside Golf Club and together with more than 50 sponsors raised a record £3900.

“This was a very enjoyable day for all the golfers and with the invaluable support from the local business community around Ryedale it makes it a very good day indeed for local charities,” said Lions’ tournament organiser Peter O’Malley. “We have no shortage of good causes in financial need and we shall do our very best to ensure we help those most deserving,” promised Peter.

The Kirkbymoorside FC Old Boys, captained by Phil Butler, took the men’s team top prize while the Essentials, led by Sheila Riby, also from Kirkbymoorside, won the ladies’ event.  Prize for tee shot nearest the hole went to Sara Hayman and John Harrison took the straightest drive prize.

Message In A Bottle Could Save Your Life

This is the message that clubs need to get out in to the community. I know that many clubs are doing a lot of work with message in a bottle and some clubs not so much.

I would ask you all to consider new ways of promoting this service to your community. I have listed below some possible avenues that you may pursue in getting the word out I know that some clubs have tried many of these but if one of these leads works, this post on the website will not be wasted!

  • Contact local pharmacy
  • District Nurses
  • Flu clinics
  • Diabetes UK
  • Alzheimers Trust
  • Marie Curie
  • Epilepsy Society
  • Women’s Institute
  • Sheltered Housing Wardens
  • Local Radio Stations
  • Community Centres
  • Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Do not forget the Emergency Services, you may have visited them some time ago but staff do change.Has the information filtered down to the front line staff, a quick visit will re establish contact. I would like you to help in improving the MIAB service can you send me an email to let me know the number of boxes of bottles your club has and the number of boxes that you think you will use in one year.

There are 32 Boxes on a pallet each with 90 Bottles making a total 2,880. Currently the cost is £650 plus £60 Transport. i.e. £710. If clubs can not cover the cost of a Pallet or have room to store them why not team up with other clubs in your area to buy one between you.

Gareth Jones MIAB Officer

Gareth Jones <>

Edinburgh Twins

The picture shows the exchange of documents between Lion President, Harald Behofsits Hotz and Lion President, Andrew Kerr Sutherland

The City of Edinburgh Lions Club has twinned with Lions Club Wien Ambassador in Austria – on 30th August. Wien Ambassador began life as a Leo Club and the members turned themselves into a Lions Club in 1989.

Clearly a very active Lions Club as their Facebook page illustrates, Wien-Ambassador had a successful start for the new club year! Their Annual Stelznessen was again this year, a great evening. Lions from many other Club’s in Austria attended the event which was superbly organised by Lion Patricia Eder. This annual event marks the summer break coming to an end and the new club year beginning. 

To find out more about the Annual Stelznessen click here where you’ll find many more photos.

Children’s Dignity Week (August 30 – September 5)

Join Lions around the world for a special Lions Worldwide Week of Service dedicated to making the future brighter for our children. This international event is designed to benefit the most vulnerable members of our community, and to help us reach our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people.

Host a project that benefits children in your community. From health, education, and development projects, to helping friends and neighbors meet their children’s basic needs, there are countless ways to impact youth in your community and around the globe. No matter how you choose to serve, be sure to join us for this Centennial service event!

Join Us for Children’s Dignity Week

Here’s how your club can take part in this special event:

  1. Plan your project – Host a service project that benefits children and youth during the week of August 30 – September 5. Download the Lions Children First Planning Guide for project ideas and planning tips.
  2. Promote your project – Invite your community to serve with you to showcase your club and the power of service.
  3. Report your project – Report your service on the MyLCI Service Activity Report to earn a Centennial Banner Patch and to get your club’s name on the Centennial Ticker.

Celebrate Your Service

Share photos of your project on social media so everyone can see what a difference you’re making in your community. Use the hashtag #Lions100, and we’ll share your images on the LCI Facebook page!

Children’s Dignity Week Resources

A full range of resources are available to support events that Club’s may wish to run by clicking here.

DG Lion David’s August Newsletter

District Governor Lion David Wells

District Governor Lion David Wells

Apologies fellow Lions this month’s message is going to be a little on the heavy side

This is the time of the year to talk about other areas of administration and remind all Presidents to ensure that their club is compliant with all the policies of Multiple District.  I know talking about these areas is not popular so I would rather do it in an email to you then raise it on the DG team visits.  These areas are important as much as for you and your clubs protection in case anything goes wrong.  Failure to comply with policies could have an effect on any insurance claim that may follow any incident.

  • Health and Safety

“It is important that we continue to maintain a businesslike and positive approach to safety by ensuring that our Safety Management System is an accepted part of the way in which we organise and carry out our Lionistic activities and events.

A key part of the 105NE Safety Management System is the District Health & Safety Policy which clearly lays down our responsibilities from the DG and Cabinet to the Clubs and individual members.

Another part of the Safety Management System is the ability of the District to evaluate whether or not we are effective in complying with our own District Safety requirements.

In connection with this, within the next week, the District Safety Officer will be issuing the Annual H & S Questionnaire together with a copy of the District Health & Safety Policy for your information. We will also be asking all Clubs to revisit your own Club H & S Policies and endorse them for the 2016 / 16 year.

If you require any help with a draft Club Policy please let the District H & S Officer know ( ).”

Please ensure that every event has an appropriate risk assessment, again a valuable document to have.

  • Vulnerable Persons

Please ensure your club is complying with all legislation around vulnerable persons.  In England, if you are transporting the public to and from hospitals or health establishments, then that is regulated activity and the driver/ escort needs to have DBS clearance. If in doubt, please speak to our Vulnerable Persons Officers.

  • MyLCI Email Addresses

It would be helpful to MDHQ if your secretary could ensure that all members’ emails addresses are entered correctly onto MyLCI.  There are moves towards providing the Lion Magazine by digital means in the future and as every member is entitled to a copy of the magazine then we will need the email addresses of as many Lions as possible.

  • Subscriptions

Please ensure that your club pays all the subscriptions due as soon as possible and in any case it must be in the hands of our District Treasurer by early September.  New rules from Oakbrook give each club 90 days to pay their dues from the 1st July and 1st January each year.  Clubs who fail will face financial suspension from the organisation.  Any club cancelled more than twice may lose their Charter. The danger here is that the clubs who are in recess at this time of year may fall foul of this new rule, all Presidents please consult with your treasurers to ensure that the deadlines will be met.

  • Club Excellence Award 2014/2015 (Click here to download application form)

Qualifying Clubs receive a Club Excellence Award pin for the Club president and a handsome banner patch.

Did you have a net gain of one member if so follow the above link and see if your club meets the other criteria.  Not into pins and awards, look at it another way last year’s Club President will have worked hard during the year why should they not be rewarded in some little way.

Be quick though applications need to be submitted by 30th September 2015.  Please submit to IPDG Andrew Kerr Sutherland for signature


2015 – 2016 Challenge

Each Club to do One New Service Project


Once again have a great year

Lion David Wells
DG 105NE
7 Darrowby Close,
Tel : 01845 526549



District Convention 2018

16th to 18th November 2018
Join us for some good old fashioned Yorkshire hospitality at our 36th Annual District Convention at The Golden Lion Hotel, Northallerton.
Nestled in the centre of the Vale of York, Northallerton is the heart and county town of North Yorkshire. The town has good communication links, it is on the East Coast main line, and is situated in the centre of the A1(M) and A19 corridors.
Download your invitation and booking form on the button below

If you need the password to the "Member's Area" please e-mail here including the name of your Lions Club.
DG Team 2017/18

District Governor (centre)
Lion Malcolm Hogg
Aberdeen Bon Accord

1st Vice District Governor (right)
Lion David Wilson
2nd Vice District Governor (left)
Lion Richard Lukey

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