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Children’s Dignity Week (August 30 – September 5)

Join Lions around the world for a special Lions Worldwide Week of Service dedicated to making the future brighter for our children. This international event is designed to benefit the most vulnerable members of our community, and to help us reach our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people.

Host a project that benefits children in your community. From health, education, and development projects, to helping friends and neighbors meet their children’s basic needs, there are countless ways to impact youth in your community and around the globe. No matter how you choose to serve, be sure to join us for this Centennial service event!

Join Us for Children’s Dignity Week

Here’s how your club can take part in this special event:

  1. Plan your project – Host a service project that benefits children and youth during the week of August 30 – September 5. Download the Lions Children First Planning Guide for project ideas and planning tips.
  2. Promote your project – Invite your community to serve with you to showcase your club and the power of service.
  3. Report your project – Report your service on the MyLCI Service Activity Report to earn a Centennial Banner Patch and to get your club’s name on the Centennial Ticker.

Celebrate Your Service

Share photos of your project on social media so everyone can see what a difference you’re making in your community. Use the hashtag #Lions100, and we’ll share your images on the LCI Facebook page!

Children’s Dignity Week Resources

A full range of resources are available to support events that Club’s may wish to run by clicking here.

DG Lion David’s August Newsletter

District Governor Lion David Wells

District Governor Lion David Wells

Apologies fellow Lions this month’s message is going to be a little on the heavy side

This is the time of the year to talk about other areas of administration and remind all Presidents to ensure that their club is compliant with all the policies of Multiple District.  I know talking about these areas is not popular so I would rather do it in an email to you then raise it on the DG team visits.  These areas are important as much as for you and your clubs protection in case anything goes wrong.  Failure to comply with policies could have an effect on any insurance claim that may follow any incident.

  • Health and Safety

“It is important that we continue to maintain a businesslike and positive approach to safety by ensuring that our Safety Management System is an accepted part of the way in which we organise and carry out our Lionistic activities and events.

A key part of the 105NE Safety Management System is the District Health & Safety Policy which clearly lays down our responsibilities from the DG and Cabinet to the Clubs and individual members.

Another part of the Safety Management System is the ability of the District to evaluate whether or not we are effective in complying with our own District Safety requirements.

In connection with this, within the next week, the District Safety Officer will be issuing the Annual H & S Questionnaire together with a copy of the District Health & Safety Policy for your information. We will also be asking all Clubs to revisit your own Club H & S Policies and endorse them for the 2016 / 16 year.

If you require any help with a draft Club Policy please let the District H & S Officer know ( ).”

Please ensure that every event has an appropriate risk assessment, again a valuable document to have.

  • Vulnerable Persons

Please ensure your club is complying with all legislation around vulnerable persons.  In England, if you are transporting the public to and from hospitals or health establishments, then that is regulated activity and the driver/ escort needs to have DBS clearance. If in doubt, please speak to our Vulnerable Persons Officers.

  • MyLCI Email Addresses

It would be helpful to MDHQ if your secretary could ensure that all members’ emails addresses are entered correctly onto MyLCI.  There are moves towards providing the Lion Magazine by digital means in the future and as every member is entitled to a copy of the magazine then we will need the email addresses of as many Lions as possible.

  • Subscriptions

Please ensure that your club pays all the subscriptions due as soon as possible and in any case it must be in the hands of our District Treasurer by early September.  New rules from Oakbrook give each club 90 days to pay their dues from the 1st July and 1st January each year.  Clubs who fail will face financial suspension from the organisation.  Any club cancelled more than twice may lose their Charter. The danger here is that the clubs who are in recess at this time of year may fall foul of this new rule, all Presidents please consult with your treasurers to ensure that the deadlines will be met.

  • Club Excellence Award 2014/2015 (Click here to download application form)

Qualifying Clubs receive a Club Excellence Award pin for the Club president and a handsome banner patch.

Did you have a net gain of one member if so follow the above link and see if your club meets the other criteria.  Not into pins and awards, look at it another way last year’s Club President will have worked hard during the year why should they not be rewarded in some little way.

Be quick though applications need to be submitted by 30th September 2015.  Please submit to IPDG Andrew Kerr Sutherland for signature


2015 – 2016 Challenge

Each Club to do One New Service Project


Once again have a great year

Lion David Wells
DG 105NE
7 Darrowby Close,
Tel : 01845 526549



Easingwold Lions Don Their Aprons

Once again Easingwold District Lions provided the BBQ for the annual Riding for the Disabled Day at Sandfield Farm, Shipton by Beningbrough, York.

Over 100 guests and participants enjoyed the splendid burgers and sausages prepared by Lions Alec, John and Phill and served beautifully with the help of Lions partners and supporters.

This annual event is well supported and visitors from all over the District attend to see the riders, and helpers, receive rosettes from the Easingwold Lions President Di Watkins. We look forward to next year.


Illustrating the cultural diversity of District 105NE, Dumfries Lions Club were at the heart of the community in Moffat last weekend manning the betting stalls and the “Bucking Ewe” for the annual Moffat Sheep Races!

It takes concentration!

It takes concentration!

Thousands cheered on ewes and their knitted woollen jockeys as they hurtled through the streets in the rural town’s annual sheep races. Crowds lined the pavement in sleepy Moffat, southern Scotland, to watch the town’s traditional sheep racing contest.

Costume clad ewes – some even wearing hats – go up against each other with hand-knitted jockeys on their backs. Locals and tourists place bets on who will win the exciting races, with all proceeds going to the town promotion group. Losing punters could have claimed it was a stitch-up. But those who tipped the successful hand-knitted jockey in the Moffat Sheep Race will have been far from sheepish when collecting their winnings, having proved themselves as experts when it comes to judging speedy ewes.

"Lion Stuart, have you a comment for the radio?"

“Lion Stuart, have you a comment for the radio?”

The annual get-together has become an unmissable event in the Dumfries and Galloway town, where locals and tourists try their hand betting on sheep as they hurtle through Moffat’s closed High Street in a series of fun races.

All of the ewes, which are supplied by a local farm, don racing uniforms and fancy dress items for their runs, and sprint to the finish line carrying woollen jockeys on their backs. There are also several races where rams lock horns on the track too.

The sheep races celebrate Moffat’s sheep farming and centuries old woollen industry, with the event made possible by the generosity and support of the local farming community. Moffat’s best known pubs, restaurants, cafés, craft and gift shops all join in the festivities, with street stalls popping up to offer visitors the best in local produce, arts and crafts.

Well done Lion Keith!

Lion Keith with grandchildren at the end of his marathon walk for his local hospice.

Lion Keith with family at the end of his marathon walk for his local hospice.

With a little bit of help from our own Teesdale and Morpeth Lions Clubs on the way, Kettering Lion Keith Ogley has finally reached John O’Groats having walked the 874 miles from Lands End.

By way of a reminder, 72 year old Lion Keith’s wife Joan spent the last couple of weeks of her life in Cransley Hospice where she was able to live in comfort and dignity. Joan, Keith, his daughters and grand-daughter were treated, throughout this terrible time, with care and compassion. It is important to Keith that this service continues to be provided to his local community.

This new challenge began on 13th May when Keith left Lands End and ended last weekend when he arrived at his destination to be met by his daughters and grandchildren. En-route  Lion Keith celebrated his 72nd birthday with Teesdale Lions. To date he has raised over £3,000 and it’s not too late to top up his fund-raising efforts. If you are as inspired by Keith’s ambition and fortitude as his many Facebook followers are and would like to make a donation via Just-Giving please follow this link.

Consett Lions Donate In Memory Of Lion Eric

Willow Burn Hospice was opened in 1989 for day care services, with the addition of four inpatient beds as from 1991. Willow Burn Hospice is a Registered Charity (Derwentside Hospice Care Foundation) 519659 and a Company Limited by Guarantee 2263960.

Consett Lions Club President Jim Alderson presenting a cheque for £2,500 to Katherine Cooper, Income Generation Director, Willow Burn Hospice, County Durham. The money was raised by the Club holding a Charity Concert in memory of the late Lion Eric James MJF.

Consett Lions Club President Jim Alderson presenting a cheque for £2,500 to Katherine Cooper, Income Generation Director, Willow Burn Hospice, County Durham. The money was raised by the Club holding a Charity Concert in memory of the late Lion Eric James MJF.

Willow Burn Hospice delivers palliative and end of life care to the Derwentside and Durham community. It offers a range of services including; inpatient care (for pain relief, symptom control and respite care;) day hospice services which are delivered in the form of a rehabilitation programme, based on healthcare outcomes. The average length of stay is 9 days, with 40% of patients receiving end of life care, the remainder receiving support that enables them to go home at the end of their stay. This is due in part to the fact that many of the hospices’ patients have long term health conditions and the hospice offers support to them during palliative phases as well as end of life care.

The hospice is situated within a previous NHS Hospital site known as Maiden Law which was closed in 1999; the surrounding buildings have since fallen into a state of disrepair although the remainder of the site is earmarked for future residential development (with outline planning approval recently granted). Willow Burn Hospice shared the external grounds and gardens with the former hospital, along with other independent healthcare providers who have also since moved out.

The existing building is old, inefficient, cramped and expensive to maintain; to progress, the hospice needs to have a modern, clean and environmentally friendly building that will integrate with new restorative sensory gardens in the current location which is simply idyllic. Whilst the hospice has looked at alternative sites and buildings, it is intended through the purchase of land to stay on the existing site and completely rebuild the resource to provide world class facilities.

Anyone for golf in Durham?

Durham Lions Club have decided to dedicate the proceeds from their Charity Golf Competition on 2nd September to a young girl (15) named Jade, who suffers with EDS and also POTS. Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) are a group of connective tissue disorders that produce a number of complex problems affecting many body systems. Each type of EDS is defined as a distinct problem in making or using one of the types of collagen, which exist throughout the body. Normal collagen is a strong protein that the body uses to provide strength and elasticity allowing tissue to be stretched, but not beyond its limit, and for that tissue then to be returned to its usual state. An incorrectly structured collagen can therefore affect multiple organs by allowing them to be stretched beyond their normal limits causing damage and dislocation. Jade can, and has, suffer multiple dislocations at any time with very painful results and a consequent need to manipulate the joints into position.

T0 download and entry forms please click here, and we hope people will join us in our efforts to support Jade.

Also posted is the Appeal Letter sent to prospective sponsors etc. Details of the Jade Aid self-help efforts, and more information, can be found on the Jade Aid Facebook postings

Sunderland Lions Donate of £14,000 in 50th Year

The Lions Club of Sunderland presented a cheque to the Spartan Fighting Arts Academy Kick Boxing Club. They are sending a team of 12 to the W.K.A.World Championships in Spain in November. The cheque was presented by Lion President Peter Fielding and Lion Mike Evans Chair of the Service Committee.

The Sunderland Club have also donated a seat to the newly opened community garden at St.Peter’s Church in Sunderland. Lions members were invited to a barbeque to celebrate the opening and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday afternoon in glorious sunshine.The garden seat bears the inscription Donated by The Lions Club of Sunderland 2015. This was the 50th anniversary year for the Sunderland Club and they have donated an amazing £14,402 to local community projects and international humanitarian causes.

Open Garden raises funds for Parish Church

Rectory House owners, John and Rona Harrison (centre left) with Jim Ingham, Lions President, and his wife Kay(centre right), together with Lions visitors to the Old Rectory Gardens.

Rectory House owners, John and Rona Harrison (centre left) with Jim Ingham, Lions President, and his wife Kay(centre right), together with Lions visitors to the Old Rectory Gardens.

It was a perfect example of “Love Thy Neighbour” when The Old Rectory in Pickering hosted a garden party for the Ryedale Lions Club and raised more than £700 to help those next door, Pickering Parish Church.

Rectory owners John and Rona Harrison bought the 17th century property 13 years ago and have restored both house and grounds to their former glories.

“We fell in love with this place as soon as we saw it but it needed much work both to restore original features and replace others that had been lost,” said Mr Harrison.

“The situation of the house and gardens overlooking the church clock spire adds to our joy.  So it seemed appropriate to find a way to repay our pleasure in the church setting and help our neighbours.”

So they held an Open Garden event with Ryedale Lions and guests with all proceeds donated to St. Peter and St Paul Parish Church to help with its own restoration work.

“The Lions were very happy to accept this generous invitation and help benefit the Parish Church.  Both the house and church are marvellous highlights of the Pickering skyline and the town’s long history.  We are extremely fortunate to have both of them,” said Lions President Jim Ingham.

Highlights of the rectory gardens are a number of sculptures including a smaller replica of Isis, a magnificent bronze sculpture inspired by the Egyptian goddess of nature, which is in Hyde Park near the Diana Memorial Fountain.

Morpeth Lions Host Keith en-route to John O’Groats

Morpeth Lion President Stuart Lewis and Keith exchange Club banners

Morpeth Lion Geoff Bushell and Keith exchange Club banners

Kettering Lion Keith Ogley is walking from Lands End to John O’Groats in aid of Cransley Hospice.  He has endured blisters, deep bogs, wild cattle and torrential storms but is resolutely picking off the miles towards his goal.

At the beginning of July he had reached Upper Coquetdale.  Morpeth Lions decided he needed some company, a bed for the night and a good meal.  Morpeth Lion Geoff Bushell met him at the end of the stage and transported him to the Sun Inn in Morpeth where he was fed and entertained by the Lions.  He was put up overnight and taken back to the start of his next stage on the following day.

Lion Keith en-route to John O’Groats

72 year old Kettering Lion Keith Ogley’s wife Joan spent the last couple of weeks of her life in Cransley Hospice where she was able to live in comfort and dignity. Joan, Keith, his daughters and grand-daughter were treated, throughout this terrible time, with care and compassion. It is important to Keith that this service continues to be provided to his local community.

Last year Lion Keith walked the Coast to Coast Path in support of this charity but felt that there was more he should do whilst still physically able so set himself a bigger challenge, Lands End to John O’Groats!

In 1992, Dr. John Smith, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, started to admit terminally ill patients to Cransley Ward in St. Mary’s Hospital, Kettering. This was previously a ward for the elderly and despite improvements, was never going to be a suitable environment in which to provide palliative care to the clinical standards to which the Palliative Care Team aspire. However by 1995 it was acknowledged that Cransley Ward had developed into an 8 bedded hospice ward for all ages and was recognised as such by the Trust.

An opportunity to re-provide the existing ward presented itself when the provision of continuing care was transferred to the organisation called ‘Extra care’. The new facility was built on the St. Mary’s site, Sunley Court. One wing is now leased and run as NHS facility as Cransley Hospice. The Hospice currently serves the area of north Northants with a population in excess of 250,000.

Happy Birthday Keith!!

A little more than half way through his marathon he was met by Teesdale Lions and their President Lion Tammy at the Kings Arms in Reeth, Swaledale. Teesdale Lions Club had contacted Keith to offer help during his amazing walk of 1200 miles and Lion Nick Barron collected him from Keld on the 21st June to bring him to Reeth for 2 days well earned rest, and Lion Sue took him back to the path at Keld on Wednesday 24th, and moved his luggage onwards to his next stop.

Teesdale Lions President Tammy exchanges banners with Kettering Lion Keith

As it was Keith’s 72nd birthday on the 23rd, Tammy, Nick and Sue met up with him for a celebration meal and heard of his many long distance walks!!  This man is amazing, and everyone who heard what he was doing was happy to give donations to him.

It is worth noting that at this point Keith was half way through his journey, and the rest of the miles would be walked totally within District 105NE.  He was looking forward to meeting up with Geoff Bushell from Morpeth Club later in June.

Keith Ogley has previously walked coast to coast twice and successfully raised funds for the local hospice and Lions charity work. This new challenge is to walk Lands End to John O Groats starting 13/5/2015 with the aim of ending mid August.

If you are as inspired by Keith’s ambition and fortitude as his many Facebook followers and would like to make a donation via Just-Giving please follow this link.

District Convention 2018

16th to 18th November 2018
Join us for some good old fashioned Yorkshire hospitality at our 36th Annual District Convention at The Golden Lion Hotel, Northallerton.
Nestled in the centre of the Vale of York, Northallerton is the heart and county town of North Yorkshire. The town has good communication links, it is on the East Coast main line, and is situated in the centre of the A1(M) and A19 corridors.
Download your invitation and booking form on the button below

If you need the password to the "Member's Area" please e-mail here including the name of your Lions Club.
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