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DG David’s Dialogue

David’s Dialogue-October 2018

Congratulations to Lion Andrew Kerr Sutherland of the City of Edinburgh Lions Club in being elected as District Governor Elect for our new District 105 N which will come into being next July. Lion Andrew will be starting to form his cabinet shortly and to that end invitations will be going out to all members asking them to consider putting their names for for consideration. Thank you to all clubs and to all Lions who attended our extra Convention meeting at Scotch Corner. As part of bringing the 2 Districts together representatives from each District will now be attending each other’s cabinet meetings. We also have a joint District Planning team who I am very pleased to report are working closely and very well together.

Members have been asking when clubs will be receiving their Centennial Certificates; the answer is very shortly the delay has been having the certificates signed by HRH. I am assured she is now busy signing the last batch.

Thank you to the Club Treasurers who very promptly returned the financial information that had been requested by the District Treasurer for the Charities Commission and to those clubs who have not returned the information please do so immediately.

As an alternative to Club Visiting why not arrange a club social to get to know the members better of your neighbouring club, could even be with one of our new set of colleagues in the present District C, a Snooker match, go 10 Pin Bowling or just something as simple as a joint club meal out.

As I travel around our District visiting Clubs the Icelandic phrase “Thetta reddast” which our International President Gudrun taught us at the International Convention often comes back to me and Clubs you need to bear this in mind when the going gets tough, it means that everything will work out, somehow, no matter how large a problem may be, through hard work, trust and community. Please give this some serious thought.

District Convention is now only a few weeks away, the 16th to the 18th November, we already have good numbers attending but it will be more the merrier so please come and join us for all or part of the weekend and have some fun further details are available on the District 105NE web page or from Lion Christine Carr

The monthly newsletter will be in a new format next month and will be combined with the newsletter from District C, please submit articles to Lion George Morgan by the 24th October.

Enjoy your Lionism


Dave’s October Diary
3rd October Club Visit Teesdale Lions Club
4th October Club Visit City of Edinburgh Lions Club
5th October Charter Anniversary Dinner Tynedale
7th October Zone G Meeting and Zone Quiz Filey
8th October Club Visit City of Durham Lions Club
9th October Club Visit Dumbarton Lions Club
13th October Charter Anniversary Dinner Filey
17TH October Zone F Meeting Durham
18th October Club Meeting Filey
19th to 21st October Council of Governors Solihull

DG David’s Dialogue-August 2018

Dear Fellow Lions and partners

I hope that you have all had the opportunity to enjoy the very pleasant sunny and warm weather that we have had over recent weeks at your Fund Raising, Community Service and Social events that you have had arranged as Lion members and partners and at the same time found time to have  very good quality time and fun with your families and your friends.

I wish to remind our members in Scotland that we have arranged for them a Symposium on Charitable In -Cooperated   Organisation (CIO’S) on Sunday 26th August in Edinburgh, further details from Lion Andrew Kerr Sutherland, our Lead for leadership development.


Thirsk and Northallerton Lions ‘s Club members are working extremely hard to ensure the last District Convention for District 105NE, before we merge with 105C, is going to be a great success. Booking form are available from the District Web page or from Christine Carr, Booking officer, please book as soon as possible and remember a booking form is required even if you are only attending the business meeting or a social event.

I would like to encourage all Lions and their partners to google “Sing with the Lions” and you will hear a most inspiring song written and sung  by an Irish Lion Sean who Christine and I  had the hour of spending a couple of evenings with in Las Vegas. The words are very poignant to our organisation and for those of you coming to the District Convention we will be all singing it together there plus we will be hearing our International President Gudrun Yngvadottir address all of  us via the wonders of modern technology.

I wish to remind all members with less than 5 years’ Service that there is a Symposium in Solihull over the 1st weekend in December that you are invited to attend with  expenses (hotel and travel paid) to give our new Lions the chance to put forward their views on how our organisation should develop over the coming years . If you require further details please do not hesitate to contact myself to whom applications should be submitted.

Have Fun please and enjoy your   Lionism, remember that there are always obstacles for Lions but remember we must not give into these obstacles but we must change them into opportunities.


Dave’s August Diary

1st August Filey Ball Race

3rd August District Convention IT Planning Meeting –Northallerton

6th Redistricting On line meeting

13th August Club visit Scarborough

16th August Club meeting

18th August On line Council Meeting

20th August District Convention Committee Meeting –Northallerton

23rd August Club visit Malton

28th August Club visit Morpeth

District Convention 2018

Convention in 2018 took place in Northallerton from 16th to 18th November at The Golden Lion Hotel. For the full story of this the final 105NE Convention follow this link

If you need the password to the "Member's Area" please e-mail here including the name of your Lions Club.
International President Guðrún
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Celebrating 100 years of helping the community 👏🎉

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