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DG Lion David’s August Newsletter

District Governor Lion David Wells

District Governor Lion David Wells

Apologies fellow Lions this month’s message is going to be a little on the heavy side

This is the time of the year to talk about other areas of administration and remind all Presidents to ensure that their club is compliant with all the policies of Multiple District.  I know talking about these areas is not popular so I would rather do it in an email to you then raise it on the DG team visits.  These areas are important as much as for you and your clubs protection in case anything goes wrong.  Failure to comply with policies could have an effect on any insurance claim that may follow any incident.

  • Health and Safety

“It is important that we continue to maintain a businesslike and positive approach to safety by ensuring that our Safety Management System is an accepted part of the way in which we organise and carry out our Lionistic activities and events.

A key part of the 105NE Safety Management System is the District Health & Safety Policy which clearly lays down our responsibilities from the DG and Cabinet to the Clubs and individual members.

Another part of the Safety Management System is the ability of the District to evaluate whether or not we are effective in complying with our own District Safety requirements.

In connection with this, within the next week, the District Safety Officer will be issuing the Annual H & S Questionnaire together with a copy of the District Health & Safety Policy for your information. We will also be asking all Clubs to revisit your own Club H & S Policies and endorse them for the 2016 / 16 year.

If you require any help with a draft Club Policy please let the District H & S Officer know ( ).”

Please ensure that every event has an appropriate risk assessment, again a valuable document to have.

  • Vulnerable Persons

Please ensure your club is complying with all legislation around vulnerable persons.  In England, if you are transporting the public to and from hospitals or health establishments, then that is regulated activity and the driver/ escort needs to have DBS clearance. If in doubt, please speak to our Vulnerable Persons Officers.

  • MyLCI Email Addresses

It would be helpful to MDHQ if your secretary could ensure that all members’ emails addresses are entered correctly onto MyLCI.  There are moves towards providing the Lion Magazine by digital means in the future and as every member is entitled to a copy of the magazine then we will need the email addresses of as many Lions as possible.

  • Subscriptions

Please ensure that your club pays all the subscriptions due as soon as possible and in any case it must be in the hands of our District Treasurer by early September.  New rules from Oakbrook give each club 90 days to pay their dues from the 1st July and 1st January each year.  Clubs who fail will face financial suspension from the organisation.  Any club cancelled more than twice may lose their Charter. The danger here is that the clubs who are in recess at this time of year may fall foul of this new rule, all Presidents please consult with your treasurers to ensure that the deadlines will be met.

  • Club Excellence Award 2014/2015 (Click here to download application form)

Qualifying Clubs receive a Club Excellence Award pin for the Club president and a handsome banner patch.

Did you have a net gain of one member if so follow the above link and see if your club meets the other criteria.  Not into pins and awards, look at it another way last year’s Club President will have worked hard during the year why should they not be rewarded in some little way.

Be quick though applications need to be submitted by 30th September 2015.  Please submit to IPDG Andrew Kerr Sutherland for signature


2015 – 2016 Challenge

Each Club to do One New Service Project


Once again have a great year

Lion David Wells
DG 105NE
7 Darrowby Close,
Tel : 01845 526549



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Nestled in the centre of the Vale of York, Northallerton is the heart and county town of North Yorkshire. The town has good communication links, it is on the East Coast main line, and is situated in the centre of the A1(M) and A19 corridors.
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