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Durham Lions help Alana

Alana with her mother and grandmother

Alana, pictured with her mother Claire and her grandmother Joan was born a year ago, became severely jaundiced and was diagnosed as having a hole in her heart. She has 22q11.2 duplication syndrome, which is a rare chromosome disorder. She is registered blind and has many other conditions including kidney, bowel, bladder problems, nerve problems, her heart valves do not close fully and she may become prone to seizures. Obviously all of this has resulted in many hospital visits and delays to her ability to develop the life skills, normally taken for granted with a one year old child, including walking, sitting upright etc.

In order to avoid Alana and her mother becoming housebound, a specially designed car seat and tilting stroller is urgently needed. Unfortunately the NHS will only provide equipment of this nature when Alana is three years old.

Claire, a part time nurse, is determined to raise the necessary funds and has already run a fund raising event at St Luke’s Church, Ushaw Moor in December. In addition Claire has set up a donation site – please click here to view .

Don’t be mislead by how bright and cheerful Alana looks…. it’s all going on inside!!

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