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Lions Clubs in the Multiple District of the British Isles and Ireland have supported MedicAlert since 1964, like all charities and associations MedicAlert has had to respond to changes driven by the dynamics of economics and the needs of the members, users and supporters.

MedicAlert remains a unique service providing 24hr professional emergency contact throughout the Multiple District and across the world. Members can be confident that in the event of a sudden illness or accident the attending Health Care Professional can through one telephone call, maintained via London Ambulance Control obtain access to credible health/allergy information and up to-date prescribed medications.

The MedicAlert logo is recognised by Healthcare providers around the world with the staff of Aesculapius at its centres is an internationally recognised symbol denoting medical services which is encompassed in what Paramedics call the Star of Life, displayed on our ambulances today.

There are a number of commercial jewellers providing engraved jewellery (bracelets, necklaces etc.), engraved jewellery can be useful in providing identification and information re allergies as many of these risks to health may not alter throughout someone’s lifetime and therefore this may be the right path for some people.

In the event of a sudden illness or accident the Doctor, Paramedic or other Health Care Professional treating the victim would need some assurance that the information regarding their ongoing medication and care was current, because some treatment may be detrimental if given with other medications. MedicAlert is a trusted source for providing that reassurance to the healthcare provider.

MedicAlert is the trusted medical information source for Health Care professionals this is demonstrated by 52% of membership referrals coming from Doctors/Nurses and other HPC’s with a further 23% coming from family and friends of current users of the MedicAlert service.

MedicAlert lifesaving services are available 24/7 throughout the world. Health Care Professionals and other first responders are trained to recognise the MedicAlert symbol in an emergency and take the two simple steps to obtain vital medical information, 1. Read the unique ID number. 2. Call the 24/7 telephone number at the London Ambulance call centre.

If your club members know somebody who would benefit from MedicAlert membership and needs financial support you can sponsor their membership fees, help in doing this can be provided by Lion John Sutherland District NE and MDO MedicAlert liaison officer, or calling MedicAlert directly stating who you are and what you would like to do.

The Lions Clubs of MD 105 British Isles and Ireland have a MedicAlert programme which is funded entirely by us.

The Early Start Programme is a Lions Clubs sponsored service provided entirely free to the user, subject to the funds being available. It will provide a healthcare professional with vital medical information 24/7 when they are treating a child at risk in an emergency situation, for a one off payment of just £275, your club can provide a MedicAlert bracelet and worldwide cover for a child from birth to 10 years old.
Lions clubs can be assured that a donation to the ESP will only be used to support the programme, if a club wishes to nominate a specific child from their area, providing that the Lions cheque is received with the application, the money will be allocated directly to that child.

  • How this works donations are paid into a FUND
    • A child can join it at any age between
      • 0 and 10 years old
    • if the child should have to drop out
      • The rest of the money remains in the FUND
      • Goes to support another child
  • Through this fund Lions ensure that no child who needs MedicAlert is left out

Donations from Lions Clubs to-date since the programme was started have reached£ 35,110.00 Enabling MedicAlert currently to support 127 children through the ESP, however this figure is a gradual decline amount as the services are taken up, in order to continue providing this vital service the Lions need to keep on supporting the fund. If your Club wishes to make a donation to this Project send a cheque to our District treasurer, making the cheque payable to LCI District 105(NE). On the reverse of the cheque please notate Early Start Programme.

By committing funds on an annual basis you could help to make this a sustainable programme ensuring that every child who needs MedicAlert protection continues receiving it regardless of financial status, giving a child the gift which goes on giving for a decade and provides peace of mind to both child and parent/guardian.

As well as financial assistance Lions clubs can serve in a practical way by ensuring that supplies of the MedicAlert leaflets and posters are available in local Doctors surgeries, Chemists and Libraries. These leaflets will also carry the Lions logo which will help to highlight the service activities we provide to the local community.

If you would like more information about MedicAlert or The Early Start Programme or a supply of leaflets please contact me or visit the MedicAlert stand at Convention in November and collect your pack of leaflets, posters and information.

Futher information regarding the Early Start Programme (ESP) can be obtained by contacting me

PDG Lion John Sutherland

105NE MedicAlert Liaison Officer

Key Role

  • To promote and encourage support for Medic Alert Foundation within the District; to provide advice and guidance to Clubs wishing to undertake Medic Alert related projects.

Prime Responsibilities

  • To become familiar with the Medic Alert programme (e.g. operations, Lions involvement, history), and to keep up to date with the latest Medic Alert literature, campaigns etc.
  • To fully understand (via the MD Medic Alert Officer) the constraints if any (e.g. on offering unqualified medical advice) that may constrain Clubs in running such promotions – and to proactively ensure such Clubs are made fully aware.
  • To offer general advice and guidance to Clubs wishing to get involved in promoting Medic Alert in their area. To encourage Clubs to appoint their own Medic Alert officers.
  • To encourage Clubs to sponsor those disadvantaged people who would benefit from Medic Alert membership and to liaise with appropriate local groups to identify such individuals.
  • To encourage Clubs to support any Medic Alert projects co-ordinated via Multiple District.
  • Through membership of the Health and Disabilities team, to liaise with other District officers to identify any links to Medic Alert promotion, including through Message in a Bottle, Sight and Diabetic awareness promotions.
  • To liaise with the Multiple District Medic Alert Officer.
  • Working to the District Strategic Plan develops a pragmatic (but specific) action plan for the year.
  • To submit progress reports to Cabinet and Convention. To attend convention. To attend cabinet, when invited to do so by the DG, and, if possible, to attend any other meetings necessary for performance of the above duties


District Convention 2018

Convention in 2018 took place in Northallerton from 16th to 18th November at The Golden Lion Hotel. For the full story of this the final 105NE Convention follow this link

If you need the password to the "Member's Area" please e-mail here including the name of your Lions Club.
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