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Leo Clubs provide volunteer opportunities that inspire and support leadership in young people from the age of 12 and offer the chance to learn, grow and participate in community projects.

Has your club thought about sponsoring a Leo Club in your area?

Georgia Burdon

The following article written by Leo President Georgia Burdon outlines how valuable a Leo Club can be to its sponsoring Lions Club and to its own members. Its Leading for Life program offers young people Leadership skills, Experience and an Opportunity to establish lifelong connections.

Georgia writes

I have been a Leo’s member for two years and for the last year I have been the President of my Club. From the very first moment I became a Leo I knew I was entering into something truly fantastic, as I had seen the work my school club had done over my previous 5 school years and I could not wait to become involved myself.

Being a Leo is so much more than joining a club. You become part of a wider “Lions Clubs International” community as well as a member of a close knit family in your own local area and club.

I became involved in things that ordinarily I would never have had the opportunity to do and found myself growing as a person along the way, which regular education can’t provide. For example, taking up executive roles within the Club has developed my interpersonal skills, leadership skills and communication skills because I attended meetings, organised events and liaised with key figures in the community. All of this built up my personal confidence and developed a professional attitude that I can carry with me into the world of work.

As part of our fundraising activities we raised money for International charities and large –scale disaster relief efforts, encouraging other young people to get involved. In doing so we increased our global outlook and knowledge about life beyond our own humble experiences.

Closer to home, we collected essential daily items for the local women’s refuge which also increased our awareness of issues facing society today. We also supported other local initiatives such as the Space-2-Grow community garden at our local church. This led to the involvement of the Lions and they donated a bench that the group needed to complete its very popular Prayer Garden.

Our Leos play a vital role every Christmas as elves, accompanying  Santa’s sleigh around the city, raising money for Sunderland Lions. This is always wonderful fun for the Leos and Lions together.

The Boxing Day Dip, a local fundraising tradition, was a brilliant opportunity for the Leos to get involved with the Lions, as well as the rest of the community, in a fun and informal manner. I as Leo President, gained valuable experience from this by escorting the Mayor and Mayoress of the City of Sunderland in the procession and helping them to judge the fancy dress competition.

On the whole my experience of being a Leo’s member has been fulfilling, enriching and enlightening and has provided me with skills and experience I am proud to have gained to take me on my next steps to university.

Thank you Lions Club of Sunderland.

Georgia Burdon, Leo President Sunderland High Leo Club

I would be more than happy to speak about forming a Leo Club at Zone meetings or better still to individual clubs.

Lion Peter Fielding.    District Leo Club Advisor   NE England

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