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Morpeth Lions Entertain Dutch Lions

The Dutch and Morpeth Lions at Beamish

This May Morpeth Lions hosted a party of eight from the Heemskerk and Castricum Lions Club of Holland.  This is the latest in a series of biennial visits between the two Clubs. The Dutch arrived on the ferry early Saturday morning returning late Sunday afternoon.

First stop for the visitors was Beamish Museum. It was a warm sunny day and they caught the tram to the old town.  As well as the shops and other buildings to look round, they enjoyed the music of a band parading and playing in the main street and town park.  Following lunch they visited the railway station and “played” in the signal box before walking onto the old village.  The Dutch had a break from the sun when they down the drift mine and learnt about coal mining.

In the evening they joined more Morpeth Lions for a meal at one of the local Italian restaurants.  At the end of the meal the Dutch Lions had devised a quiz with a difference as the questions had either/or answers but both answers were correct.  Due to alcohol dulling the brain, it took some time for some Morpeth Lions to realise all answers were right.

The next day it was off the Tynemouth to visit the market in the Station and have lunch on the seafront.  Sadly it was goodbye again until Morpeth Lions visit Holland next year.

District Convention 2018

Convention in 2018 took place in Northallerton from 16th to 18th November at The Golden Lion Hotel. For the full story of this the final 105NE Convention follow this link

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Posted by BBC Radio York on Saturday, 21 October 2017
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